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   S.M.M.M. Tuncay CHERRY / FOUNDING PARTNERS / INDEPENDENT AUDITORS I tuncay@indexdenetim.com

     He was born in 1975 in Zonguldak Devrek' year. High School high school education in Zonguldak Lantern 'was completed.
     In 1993, Uludag University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, graduated from the Economics Department.
     In the year 2003 he was awarded the Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors document.
     Since 2003 Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors serves.
     From 2007-2015 years as a Certified Public Accountant in his office,
     Since the year 2015 Index Auditing Consulting Training Services Inc. also he serves as Chairman of the Board.
     Head of civil society organizations, Management, Supervisory Board membership is actively carries out these activities.
     In 2012 it was independent external auditor.
     He also is a member of many associations and civil society organizations.
     He is married with two daughters.
     He speaks English.

    S.M.M.M. HACER TOPKARA STAR / FOUNDING PARTNERS I hacer@indexdenetim.com

      He was born in 1980 in Giresun Doğankent.
      He completed his primary and secondary education in Doğankent.
      He completed his high school education in Giresun Anatolian Commercial High School.
      Karadeniz Technical University Computerized Accounting and Tax Practices program and university education
      Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration completed.
      In 2003 he started working in the accounting office.
      Public Accountant in 2010 awarded the Certificate Financial Advisors.
      She is married and has 2 children.


     On May 6, 1975 Gallipoli / Dardanelles was born.
     First, middle and high school education was completed in Gallipoli.
     In 1993 he moved to Bursa Uludag University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1997. He completed his bachelor's degree in Finance.
     Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors did my internship in 1997-1999.
     In 2000, he was awarded a financial advisor certificate.
     Since 2001, Public Accountant, he performed my job as a financial advisor in different positions.
     He is the founder since 2015 Consulting Training Cruise Control Index. Inc. continues its professional activities.
     Throughout his career, Management, Personal Development, Quality Management Systems, was attended by Financial Advisor and Auditor vocational training.
     Some of the recently participated in training; e-billing and e-book applications, the International Financial Reporting Standards, the New TCC,
     Independent Audit, Optimum Equilibrium.
     In addition, experts working on issues that Financial Regulation and the staff gave several training sessions to employees.
     He is married and has two children. Moderate speaks English.