a. Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) Regulations
• "Commercial" Analysis of activities which constitute tax
• taxation in the source state when and dividends paid to non-resident foreign partners
• royalties paid by foreign institutions (license, know-how, royalty etc.) Taxation
• Analysis of the size of the tax payment for the services they provide to companies in foreign institutions therefore made to Turkey
• In various cases, double taxation avoidance methods (exemption, deduction, etc.) And procedures of (bilateral agreements, information exchange, etc.) And application analysis
• DTT withholding tax refund in the framework of technical support and advice

    Pricing of b.transf
• Related party transactions analysis
• Price comparisons
• Local and DTT risk analysis in the framework of the rules laid down in the relevant legislation and advice

    c. International Tax Planning
• A global tax technology software for use with our company's tax burden technical support and consulting in the creation of investment planning model that allows optimization
• foreign office with our specialist colleagues in our international tax practice through ongoing exchange of information for tax planning of multinational corporations in international investment consulting

    D. Other International Tax Practice Areas
• The size of the international leasing transactions tax
• International capital, tax and other financial obligations of securities and goods movement (Foreign Exchange, Foreign Trade Law, etc.). In terms of ratings
• Free Zone Legislation
• Multinational / discretionary capital in foreign-owned company analysis
• Large-scale investments (dam construction, tunnel construction, power plants, etc. establishment.) For foreign-owned companies producing projects in the field of Turkish Tax and Financial Regulations as well as the Double Taxation Agreement, the provisions of technical assistance and advice in the creation of optimal taxation model in the frame

e. Tax Planning
• Information for optimum use of tax incentives and exemptions provided in the financial regulations and recommendations to
• Taking into account the specific tax situation of the activities of the companies in the creation of tax planning model technical support and consulting
• Multinational firms Stretegic tax planning, technical support and consulting
• Reorganization (restructuring) work
• Tax planning for individual companies