By focusing on your activities, requests and determine your needs, we define the most appropriate approach to achieve the right solution,
We develop tax planning model applied our experience and know-how in different sectors,
We determine the effective tax strategies to help you achieve your goals with success,
By instantly notify you of the latest changes in legislation, we make sure you only focus on your business,
We offer comprehensive support and consulting services tax and fiscal legislation on everything you need.

The following are the relevant laws and regulations within the scope of our financial advisory services;
Corporation tax
Income tax
Value added tax
International Tax Agreements
Stamp duty
Property Tax
Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax
Customs Tax Indirect Taxes Other Than Others
Foreign Investment Legislation
Banking Regulations
Foreign Exchange Regulations
Capital Market Legislation
Incentive Legislation
Other Financial Laws and Regulations.
Fundamental to the Turkish Tax Act (Income Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law, Tax Law, the Value Added Tax Act, etc.) For general information and advice
Except that disclosure of changes in financial legislation through our tax circular, all the company's activities on the specific cases that may be featured solution that requires technical information and advice
Made of contract (licensing, royalties, technical services, expense sharing, franchise agreements, share transfer agreement and so on.) The analysis and evaluation in terms of tax liabilities
Write to request information from the Tax Administration, notices and so on. official papers duly answering and technical support and consulting to determine the path to follow
The size of the debt policy analysis and evaluation of company tax
Banking Law, in appropriate cases, the Capital Market Law and Tax Regulations Assessment of the relationship between legislation and compliance advice to ensure
Fall in cases of doubt written explanation Tax Administration (tax ruling / tax ruling) does the demand for technical support and consulting
Of the various services by local companies from foreign institutions, taxation of royalties
 "Leasing", "Build-Operate-Transfer ',' Build-Operate", "Transfer of Operating Rights" as tax analysis and evaluation of financing models