Tax Disputes Related Services

Verification of compliance with the Authority and the accuracy of the book that has kept elements of natural persons and those of investigation is the fundamental mission statements. Index Control Consulting and Training Services Inc. We aim to be in the know of the importance of after-tax investigations and disputes that may arise in the services provided and not to leave alone our taxpayers. Services we perform this purpose are described below.
 Making the necessary preparations before the investigation begins,
 Doing preliminary discussions with inspectors,
 Book will be presented to inspectors and to ensure the completeness of the documentation,
 Analysis of the findings identified in the analysis and evaluation process in order to dialogue with the inspectors needed to ensure continuous,
 Continuously informing the taxpayers regarding the review process,
 Evaluation of the investigation report,
 Assessment before and after the administration of support for compromise regarding payers,
 The first instance court and to follow the proceedings in the appeal body should either fails to achieve reconciliation.