Tuncay Kiraz
Do you know that you need to have a workplace risk assessment as an employer? You can eat if you were taking punishment, even your workplace can be closed.

Occupational health and safety of the most important duties of employers for someone to risk assessment in the workplace.
Risk assessment is what we mean by the following:
To identify existing hazards in the workplace or from outside.
To determine the factors that led to the conversion of the risks of these hazards.
To rate risks arising from the hazards analyzes.
Deciding to make the necessary control measures work.
I'd write this can be confusing. All of these risks, hazards and measures to determine how I start thinking that you may have. But do not just rush. You do not need to risk assessment itself. You can make a risk assessment of your business that you run security experts and technical team.
In addition, the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety guidelines for risk assessment prepared separately sectors on the website. You can easily make a risk assessment looking at this book. But there is still a good idea to get expert support in this regard.
There are 9 thousand workplaces penalty
If you do risk assessment in your workplace and you need to pay an administrative penalty in the amount of a lot. In addition, these penalties are applied to all businesses regardless of the situation no less dangerous or hazardous.
First, if you were not in your workplace risk assessment will have to pay £ 3,700 penalty.
If you continue to be a further risk assessment need to pay £ 5,550 per month. So if you do a risk assessment of the first month you will pay more than US $ 9 thousand penalty. Your punishment will be increased by £ 5550 for every month thereafter. The burden of doing the risk assessment rather than short.
Punishment does not stop there. In addition, employers are required for the determination of risk control, measurement, analysis and research can not be made to pay a fine is £ 1,850.
Risk assessment is important for the lack of work-related accidents
In a sense, you are making your workplace risk assessment has determined the direction to be weak and attention. Thus, prior to a work accident that may occur it would have provided the opportunity to take the necessary measures.
Because the employer as a result of the risk assessment to be adopted occupational health and safety measures and protective equipment should be used or have to determine the equipment.
Indeed, while risk assessment is to be considered the following matters:
State employees will be affected by certain risks.
The choice of chemical substances and preparations to be used by business equipment.
The composition and layout of the workplace.
The young, the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women or availability of workers with specific groups such as nursing staff.
Make risk assessment work is closed
In some workplaces can be halted if the business risk assessment. So, until the risk assessment carried out in a way so business is shutting down.
This does not apply to all workplaces. The activities will be stopped if the risk assessment of the workplace include:
Located in a very dangerous class mineral, metal and construction businesses.
Businesses working with hazardous chemicals.
Businesses may be of major industrial accidents.
In this case the closed state to inform businesses of the risk assessment of whether they are linked to the provincial administration offices are open again.