Tuncay Kiraz
According to Haberturk news, promotion under the temporary Article 10, applied to the young men in the 18-29 age group, all women older than 18 years. If this person is paid by this employer contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Fund for 48 months a vocational qualification. But no vocational qualification certificate or vocational and technical education graduates in Turkey is that the vocational training courses organized by the Employment Service of the organizations that employ graduates by providing an incentive for a period of 36 months. For those who do not have employment are implemented encourage these two documents is 24 months.

If the recruited person is an unemployed registered with İŞKUR than 6 months it is being added to the above periods. For example, a woman and a job İŞKUR registered by the end of the year, employers will benefit from promoting professional qualification certificate for 54 months.

Employers are young and must have been in the last 6 months working as an insured person to be employed in order to benefit from the promotion of women's employment. Also, in addition to the number of workers that employers need to be employed on the last 6 months. Unemployed youth and women employment that employers are required to pay employer contributions surviving on the minimum wage. This means that the current minimum wage per month per employee over 261 pounds per year, 3 thousand 162 pounds is meant to pay less premium. The current minimum wage would receive benefits for 54 months, a female employee of the employer reaches over 14 thousand pounds.


In the last 6 months of the insured person will be employed to take advantage of incentives it needs to be working in a job.


Unemployment Insurance Fund contributions from employers covered by the employer's premium payable in order to benefit from the lack of promotion, the monthly premium and service documents within the legal deadline and have to provide the Social Security Agency. They can benefit from the amnesty under the law, pay their debts structuring incentives that continue to do it regularly. The audit determined that employing uninsured in one year the sanctions applied to employers. These employers do not benefit from the incentives for one year.


Free job training program in the context of the employer's workers must have at least 2 insured labor force in order to benefit from the advantages. Education program at work, registered with İŞKUR employers, associations, foundations, professional organizations qualifying as public institutions, professional associations, trade unions, commerce and industry, notaries and can organize companies where the public have a share of less than 50 percent.


The-job training programs, it benefits the intern university students. TEO students who covered their compulsory internship training program through action both months will win a thousand pounds of money will find it easier to work when they graduate as well. The salary they had received scholarships or student loans to students from any deduction.


Government bag law enacted in April this year in the Provisional Law No. 15 of 4447 began to promote the system by adding a new Article application. This incentive, over 18 years old to 29 years young men and women applied. To encourage young men and women at work within the scope of Article 15 Temporary employment is expected to be trained.

664 thousand unemployed women over the age of 29

Turkey, according to the Employment Agency, 3 million 142 thousand registered unemployed as of July. They are 1 million 898 thousand men, composed of 1 million 243 thousand are women. Women's 631 thousand for 1 year or longer looking for work. 579 thousand 147 unemployed women of 29 years from a small, 664 thousand 429 is composed of large and 29 years old.